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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What happened to zeek ?

Latest News From Zeekrewards Table:
Dear Affiliates,

This is to Inform you all that since we have to stop the Business for few Legal Issues in NC, We have paid the Fines and Penalties and We are shutting down Business for a few days and shifting our Main Office to Europe, since the Law is different there so we can resume our business from there, just keep Patience We'll come back in the Business, Meanwhile we are launching another company (to keep your Passive Income) under Rex Venture Inc. You'll be updated About it later Keep sharing the Blog we need your Help keep your Down lines Calm.

Thank You
Keep Trusting
Zeek Team

official group from facebook: Hello, If anyone knows anyone in Zeek Rewards you should spread the word. A company called Vitel Wireless has been in contact with Zeek Rewards. Vitel is willing to act as a safe haven for all Zeek Members until the issues are resolved in N
orth Carolina and the doors reopen (no guarantees). All Zeek members will have the option to grandfather into Vitel and bring their whole downline for FREE. This way all Zeek members will still make residual money from Vitel for as long as they are with Vitel. Any questions call 517-285-5193. Or go to to see what Vitel is all about and what they are doing for Zeeklers. P.S. to sign up free you must have your affiliate ID for Zeek Rewards so it can be confirmed you are a Zeek member."