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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PES 2013 Option File On Your Xbox 360

[GUIDE] Install PES 2013 Option File On Your Xbox 360

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Written by sebastien  
Installation guide written by onlyproevo:
If you follow the steps correctly, this will take you no longer than 10 minutes. It's very important you follow each step very carefully. Each step will only work if the step previous is carried out correctly.
If you get stuck or run into problems, please reply in this thread and the team will help you ASAP.
Step 1
Download your preferred option file. There are two, both listed above; you can only pick one due to the limited number of emblem slots on PES 2012. Please also download all official game patches and data packs (DLC) from Konami.
If you have a USB from me and you've not changed anything, you can skip to step 4.
Step 2
Plug your USB stick into your xbox 360. If you have content on your USB that you want to keep, make sure you back it up before you put it into your 360. Everything gets deleted in the next step.
Select to customize the USB (not configure) and change the memory size to 512MB. Don't ask why, just trust me and do it.
Step 3
Plug your usb into your PC or laptop. You may see a yellow folder called Xbox 360. If you can't see it then you need to change your settings so hidden files and folders can be seen. Here's a tutorial for Windows Vista. For other operating systems, use Google. ;)
Step 4:
You should now see the Xbox 360 folder. This means that your PC/laptop is ready for transfer.
Double-click on the Xbox 360 folder and you'll see the following 3 files:
Data 0000
Data 0001
Data 0002
Erase the Data 0001 and Data 0002 files but do not delete the Data 0000 file. Once you've done this, open your downloaded option file folder and move the Data 0001 and Data 0002 files to the Xbox 360 folder. Simply, you're overwriting the old content and replacing it with the new content.
Wait a minute for all the files to copy over to your USB.
Step 5:
Plug your USB into your Xbox 360.
Go to System > Memory > and select the external device (USB - DAYMOS OPE PES2012...)
Now you will see a folder called PES2013/WE2013 with 400 or so files inside it. Please check if the 400 (or so) files are there.
If everything looks good, press B and go back so you're looking at the PES2013/WE2013 folder again. Press Y and copy (do not move) all the files from your USB to your Xbox 360 hard drive.
When asked would you like to replace exisiting file data?, select Yes To All. Don't worry, all your gamesaves and replays will still be there.
Step 6
Remove your USB stick from your 360 and load up PES 2013. Head into Edit Mode and take a look at all your new kits.

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