The Basics

Where to Find the FM12 Data Editor and Resource Archiver!
Once you've installed the editor follow these steps:
Click File --> Load Database 

This will load up the default database.If you would like to edit a custom database which you made or downloaded from the site...clickFile --> Load Editor Data which will show all the custom DB’s youve saved in My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\Editor Data
How to create a Player

Click 'People' on the LHS and then click 'Add' at the bottom of the screen. On the drop down menu choose player.
FM12 Data Editor for Dummies-createp1.jpg
Now you should have a screen full of empty boxes where you input the name/age etc of the player you wish to create.On the LHS you can choose to input additional information as shown below:
FM12 Data Editor for Dummies-createp2.jpg
A good place to start would be to input the ‘Player Data’ and I’ve used Arjen Robben in the example below. Also notice I’ve highlighted the tabs at the top of the screen which allow you to input extra information such as preferred positions/injuries.Take a look at The Complete CA/PA Thread made by Raikan007 for help on what stats to input depending on how good you want your player to be.
FM12 Data Editor for Dummies-createp3.jpg
Attachment 214072How to edit/add national rules

If you want to change the number of teams in a league or add in lower leagues you will need to edit the national rules. Here’s how to get to get there:
FM12 Data Editor for Dummies-editnr1.jpg
If you want to create a new league system you want to choose ‘Create New Competitions And Rules’ but for my example I’ll edit the fixtures in the English Premier League so I need to pick ‘Add Lower Divisions And Cups To Existing Structure’. Once you’ve chosen your nation to edit, the current league structure should show on the LHS like highlighted in my picture below.To use real fixtures (or want to make your own) just tick the box and add fixtures in yourself.
FM12 Data Editor for Dummies-editnr2.jpg
How to create a new league structure

This is especially useful if you’ve made some new competitions and want to combine them into a new league structure. You’ll need to choose ‘Create New Competitions And Rules’ this time unlike when you edited the existing league structures.

In my example I’ve created a new league called ‘Best of Rest’ which has 10 teams in. I want to create a league structure where the bottom 10 teams in the English Premier League are relegated & replaced with the 10 teams from Best of Rest.

After you’ve chosen the nation for your league structure, you’ll need to choose the Season start & end dates. These can be changed later so you don’t need to put too much thought into this.Now to create your league structure, click ‘Divisions’ on the LHS and then click ‘Add’ at the bottom of the screen and a pop-up window should appear like below:
FM12 Data Editor for Dummies-createl1.jpg
Then choose the top division in your league structure, click next and a pop-up window should appear like below. I’ve edited the number of relegation places on mine as I want 10 teams to be relegated as stated earlier. ‘Number of Rounds’ is the number of times each team plays eachother.
FM12 Data Editor for Dummies-createl2.jpg
Now do the same but for your league below (in my case it’s my ‘Best of Rest’ league).
In the current English league system it would usually be the npower Championship
To edit details such as adding relegation play-offs or TV money, just click on the division on the LHS and you may edit any of the fields.
FM12 Data Editor for Dummies-createl3.jpg
Adding a Reserve/Youth league is very simple, just click ‘Reserves/Youths’ on the LHS and tick if you would like to add either or both. It’s also good practice to click ‘Test National Rules’ before saving any changes.