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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Football Manager 2013 Announcement "Press Conference"

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start screen of the game there are now 2 Add: 
The case is the same. The user takes a team at any level wants but: 
1. There is a special individual training for each player. The powers ie the user has is greatly reduced. 
2. There are no team talks in the game or opposition instructions. Simply enter the game and only track in key highlights of the highlights of the game. 
3. The game is easier. Have been abolished work permits, and the user has the ability to add a few million more in budget!

Challenge Mode
1. There are short-term scenarios in which users test out the dynatites them. As an example, you are under the board expectation and your best player is injured. Another example, taken in mid-season and the team is undefeated. Should bring out its mission of yours that is none other than the stay undefeated until the end of the season having a very difficult program to follow! 

general change in game

1. Over 900 general change in the game. 
2. In Football Manager 2013, the 3D imaging has improved and gives you even greater realism to the game, and even moving the ball to pitch improved! 
3. Add a new camera, and improvements in other cameras. 
4. The  Director of football  if you can ask him to take some jurisdictions the manager if needed!
5. In network game (internet game), several improvements for even best viewed game 
6. Changes in scouting, in lending (loans), and workout 
7. Add realistic taxes for better experience in economics. Thus when taxes are big players are most skeptical to sign a team! 
8. 500,000 New players and staff! 
9. Added and the tone of voice, so they become more realistic interviews and generally any contact with the Media!  
on the 10th. Greater fluency in doing compare (compare) between players and staff. 

Finally as He said wait until you get the game and other announcements for the addition of new games! 

The first official announcement for  Football Manager 2013  expected for the end of August but due to a personal problem of Miles Jacobson, the announcement was postponed to mid-September.

images for the new additions will include the game are not yet known but the wait for you with the first announcement for the release date the game. Some images and video are possible in a few days to hit the publicity. 

anyway late October, early November is the most likely date advent of the game, if we take into consideration the previous games and dates that came on the market. 


The FM13 also introduces  new features and improvements  over game elements. Some of the most notable are the following: 

•  Enhanced 3D game engine 
in FM 2013, everything around and onto the stadium will look more realistic. From the stadium, the players, to the public and the movement of the players and the ball. A number of new and advanced graphics shots, giving the game a more realistic form while reorganizing the system of the camera, makes the game experience more "TV". 

•  's new staff roles in 
The FM13 promises a specific change in the staffing structure of manager and renewal of their roles. This includes the introduction of a director of football (if necessary) will take a percentage of your work, such as contract negotiations and the release of unwanted players. Moreover, the number of qualified coaches has grown together and maneuverability manager, to see from what coach would need help and when. You will also have the ability to evolve as a coach. 

•  Refreshed roles of media 
The relationship between the manager and the media completely renewed. A specific scenario is that as manager you can adopt distinct tones in your interaction with the model - available by selecting the "calm" up "aggressive" 

•  Play Network 
The FM13 brings a tremendous change over the multi-player game, which from now Beyond making full use of Steam System, allowing you to organize a match against other manager much easier. The revamped network includes a number of additional options. One of these is the option other league and cup parallel to the standard career version, 
which also includes a mode that lets you get the team you have created in the single-player game and not test in Multi-player. 

•  World ranking ladder 
for the first time, players can see exactly where they stand against the rival who probably is on the other side of the globe. 

•  Desktop 
The FM13 delivers a new module of the career mode, and a refreshed style for classic mode. Moreover the new search system will make the new FM the best appearance and functional game series. 

•  Advanced training 
in FM13 the manager will be able to get deeper into the coaching team and choose the workout and program that suits them. The manager can choose where they want to focus on coaching the team, whether it be in more general training routine or more specialized preparations for the match. 

•  Realistic taxation mechanisms 
One of the biggest factors affecting the real players when it comes time to choose which team to sign, has to do with the level of taxes paid by one country to another. It has achieved this year in SEGA game, contains updated taxation for each of the countries listed separately, something that players take into account when deciding which team to play.

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