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Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Make Computers Play Internet Games Faster

There are several ways to attempt to reduce lag while playing Internet games.


Turn off firewall software or allow an exception for your game. Firewall software is meant to block connections that may send bad data like viruses, but they can potentially interfere with Internet games. If you run your own firewall program, disable it while you run your game. If you have Windows Firewall, create an exception for the game by clicking "Start," "Control Panel" and "Windows Firewall." Select "Allow a Program Through Windows Firewall," check the box next to the program in the list and click "Apply."

Use a wired Internet connection. When playing online games, it is best to use an Internet connection where your computer is hooked up with a physical cable rather than using wireless Internet, since wireless signals can experience interference and degrade in strength as they pass through the air.

Update your network adapter's drivers. Click "Start," "Control Panel" and "Administrative Tools." Choose "Computer Management," "Device Manager," and expand "Network Adapters." Right-click on your network adapter and select "Update Driver Software." Your system will attempt to search for driver updates and install them. You can also attempt to find driver updates by searching on the website of the manufacturer of the network adapter.

Try using a different Internet browser. If you are playing browser-based games on the Internet, a different browser might make certain games run more smoothly. Popular browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari can be downloaded for free.

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