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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Patch 13.1.3 fm2013


· Improved processing speeds
· Fixed rare crash when pressing ‘Set for Release’
· Fixed sole crash using edited database in network game
· Fixed interface slowdown when scouting hundreds of players at once
· Fixed issue where teams were being overcharged Tax


· Fixed Russian Cup final clash with World Cup call-ups
· Fixed Spanish registration window in 2015/16 season
· Fixed user taking control of friendly, when assistant set to


· Fixed board confidence in relation to ‘Give youth a chance’ promise
· Fixed board expectations not reflecting those set in meeting
· Improved international managerial appointments


· Fixed live league table widget not holding position
· Fixed attribute colour state saving
· Fixed coaching assignment state saving
· Fixed scrollbar reverting top top when adjusting individual training
· Fixed squad depth chart displaying PA over CA
· Fixed up/down keys not responding post-match
· Fixed new position training state saving
· Fixed custom background pictures not showing


· Added ‘Show only friends’ option to network lobby
· Fixed inconsistent behaviour of timers
· Fixed pre-match force continue proceeding too far
· Fixed client scouting assignments
· Fixed client match vs host, when host on holiday
· Fixed flickering/slowdown on client transfer list screens


· Staff in FMC now signed onto rolling contracts
· Fixed agents offering players for £200m
· Fixed French transfer values
· Fixed rare instance of transfer news with no option to respond
· Fixed loophole allowing Rangers to break transfer embargo

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