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Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Update 10.05.2012: If you are still experiencing crashes with FIFA 13 on you PC, please try the following possible workarounds as they have already been of help to other players.
We are aware that FIFA 13 is currently unable to support special characters (such as àéñõü). In the case where you PC name (or your Windows username) contains at least one of these characters, it will cause FIFA 13 to crash. We suggest you to rename your PC name or your Windows user name by following the two solutions provided below:
Your PC name Contains special characters:
If your PC name contains special characters, please rename your PC name. To do so, click on the Start button and follow the below instructions:
  • Click on the “Control Panel” and in the “System and Security” section, select “System”.
  • Under “Computer Name, domain and workgroup settings” click on the “Change Settings” button.
  • On the “Computer name” tab, click on the “Change” button.
  • Then, change the computer name and reboot your computer to ensure the changes take effect.
Your Windows username contains special characters:
Please verify if your FIFA 13 config. files are located in a path similar to: C:\Users\Usernàmé\Documents\FIFA 13 (with special characters). If this is the case, please follow the instructions below carefully. As this process is a bit more complicated, if your Windows username contains special characters, you will not need to rename it but simply add a new username.
  • Click on the Start button. 
  • Click on the “Control Panel” and in the “User Accounts and Family Safety” section, select “User Accounts”.
  • Click on “Manage User Accounts”.
  • Click on “Add” and enter a new user name (no special characters), and click on “Next” to finish.
  • Make the user an Administrator by clicking on the “Administrator” option and click on “Finish”.
  • (Please be aware that if you are on a network,  you may need to create a local user first from the “Advanced” tab.)
Once you tried the above solution , please try to login with this new Windows user account. Once logged in, launch Origin, then launch FIFA 13 if both options are available to you. If you do not have the Origin icon on your desktop, please reinstall the clients on this new Windows session.
We thank you for your patience and we apologize for the cumbersome workarounds. The FIFA Development Team is aware of this issue and working to address this bug in an upcoming patch.

Some FIFA 13 players have been experiencing repeated crashes when playing the game on PC. If you are having trouble running the game, we recommend first making sure your Windows and drivers are up-to-date.

If after the most recent FIFA 13 game update you're still experiencing crashes or freezes, use the Repair Install function in Origin.
Right click on FIFA 13 to access this menu
  1. In your games library, right click on FIFA 13 and choose Check for Update. Update the game.
  2. If that doesn't fix it, return to the Games Library, right click on FIFA 13 and chooseRepair Install.
These last two steps should prevent the game from further crashing.

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