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Monday, February 6, 2012

FM12 What To Look For In A Player


Technical Attributes
Tackling: The basic job of a defender is to keep the opposition from scoring, to defend your goal. To do this, you need the ability to take the ball away from a striker. Tackling is necessary to be a good defender. A full back needs to do it all over the pitch. Acceleration and Pace are good to have.

Marking: Defending a set piece is reliant on marking. Wingers are often the most skilful players on the pitch, and in addition to closing them down, they often need to be well marked. Marking needs a good Positioning sense.

Crossing: Crosses come from the wing, and fullbacks often find themselves hugging the line trying to supply the balls for their forwards. Whether byline or deep, it can be a great boost to your team if you have a fullback who can cross. Dribbling is good to have with this.

Passing: Goalkeepers often spray the ball out wide to people like Clichy or Sagna. Arsenal are a passing side, but that doesn't mean passing isn't necessary. Passing is perhaps the first skill a footballer learns. Short passes and one-twos form a big part of a fullback's game.

Dribbling: Although your winger will be doing a lot of dribbling, someone needs to be able to do that job if he cuts inside or releases the ball down the wing. Someone who can double up and take on the opposing defender can work wonders. With a good Pace and Acceleration stat together with Crossing, this can be deadly.

Heading: Out wide, it's not generally a requirement to head the ball, but being a defender, it's helpful if your fullback is a good header of the ball. Jumping is a bonus.

Long Throws: Most teams don't use this tactic, but if worked correctly, it can be highly effective, as proven with Delap of Stoke and Gunnarsson of Coventry. Fullbacks seem to be best suited for this, because they are placed near the line and don't usually need to be in the attacking box.

First Touch/Technique: A defender with a little bit of skill can add that edge to a side. A balance between attack and defense is something managers look out for.

Mental attributes

Positioning/Anticipation: Positioning is one of the most important stats for a fullback. Being in the wrong place is a mistake defenders hate to make. Knowing where to be, when to be is a requirement for any defender. Otherwise, it's best to have a defender with Pace, Acceleration and Determination.

Composure/Concentration: A full back often needs to cover his centre back. Sometimes crosses come over from the other side, when the defence is stretched and keeping your eye on the game is vital to clear the danger. As a defender, he needs to be solid and generally free of nerves.

Determination/Work Rate: A requirement of this position is to get up and down the wing all match long. Of course, Stamina is needed, but without being determined and having that work ethic, it's no good. To make that last ditch tackle or get to the end of that long ball down the line, this stat should be good.

Decisions: Should he clear away or try to play it out of trouble? Short pass or dribble down the wing? Decisions often made by a fullback. Sometimes a preferred move dictates this, but mistakes often happen.

Off The Ball: Not necessary to be a good fullback, but it's the case a lot of the time where a winger hogs the ball but needs options. Making that unmarked run can stretch the opposing defence, forcing mistakes.

Physical attributes

Stamina/Natural Fitness: A requiremen of this position is to get up and down and up and down that wing. Preferred moves may influence this. Determination and Work Rate are related to this as well. Managers don't like to change around their defence.

Pace/Acceleration: To be able to beat men, and make that run onto a long ball, speed is needed. Covering for you centre-half will also need a bit of pace. Micah Richards is a good example of this. Doing this continuously relies on good Stamina.

Strength: Muscling off wingers is one thing a fullback needs to do sometimes, sometimes to guide the ball away. To put in a strong challenge is one way to put off an attacking player.

Balance: Stay on your feet. A sentence managers do repeat often. Last ditch slide tackles are only the final option. A slip here or there lets the striker in.